Creating Audio Solutions Across Any Industry

Every industry has unique sound requirements. However, there are common goals that show up over and over again. Speaker manufacturers regularly hear requests for a loudspeaker to be smaller, lighter, louder, waterproof, etc. The ever-increasing performance demands give experts a chance to put their knowledge and experience to the test.

Joining with customers who want to push the envelope of speaker technology is the core of MISCO’s business and something we are very passionate about. This blog highlights some industries where we excel and hopefully gets you thinking about ways we could help you with adding or improving audio in your application.

Talking Transportation

acoustic testing orionLoudspeakers installed in moving vehicles, exposed to the outdoors face several challenges. From designs for outer space, where we had to create speakers tough enough to withstand 4,000Gs and the extreme vibrations of a rocket launch, to underwater applications for submarines, to speakers in subway cars requiring resistance to water and cleaning solutions, MISCO has decades of engineering expertise. This in-house experience solving for inhospitable environments can make the design process for something like the audio system for a train much smoother. 

There are advantages to working with a company that knows how to handle saltwater, jarring vibrations, and the competing noise of a boat motor. MISCO can custom manufacture marine-grade speakers to serve cruiselines, professional fishing boat captains, and luxury yacht owners alike. 

Out of the water, motorcyclists turn to MISCO because we can deliver a high-performance, lightweight speaker that can be installed in a shallow enclosure. The same holds true in the aviation industry.

Military Might

military-vehicle-minWhen governments purchase speakers for military use, they need rugged products that provide crystal-clear voice communication and can withstand high vibration and even explosive ambient environments. For this wide range of conditions, MISCO provides speakers as well as enclosures, and wiring harnesses together as a package. In addition, by offering 100% U.S.-based design and manufacturing we promise to protect your intellectual property for those times when security is of paramount importance.

Workspace Advancements

manufacturing_warehouse spaceToday’s workspaces, from retail stores to medical offices to manufacturing plants, have varied needs for voice and sound communication. Buildings and campuses have specific requirements for safety and emergencies. They need loudspeakers for regular voice communication with personnel, and many want systems for entertainment. 

MISCO’s professional product line includes: speakers that serve as alarm systems for medical ventilators; coaxial ceiling speakers that deliver voice and music for office and retail spaces; weatherproof systems that offer two-way communication for warehouses or drive-thrus.

Professional Sound

guitar speakers_Jack FossettBuilding loudspeakers for musicians and performers can be the ultimate test for a speaker manufacturer. MISCO meets the challenge by engineering a custom frequency response to achieve a signature sound. This means we can create guitar speakers tuned specifically to give a musician either a New Orleans blues feel or a British invasion sound. 

By capitalizing on our understanding of both modern and vintage acoustical designs and our knowledge of material sciences, like how a speaker magnet will perform if it’s made of alnico, neodymium, or ferrite, MISCO can help you achieve the ideal sound for instrumentation and for performance spaces. 

Fun & Games

sound on casino gaming unitsWe take our leisure seriously today and need loudspeakers to heighten the sound of all sorts of activities. The fun and success of gaming, from video games to casino games, is highly dependent on the sound experience. MISCO has complete multi-channel amplification systems designed to deliver big sound from small spaces. Our engineers have designed small loudspeakers for use in some of the top casino industry’s gaming units.

An Expert Partner for Speakers

As you think about your sound needs, consider the advantages you gain by partnering with a speaker manufacturer who has more than 70 years of experience. We’d be happy to talk with you about how MISCO can design, prototype, test, and manufacture speakers and systems that fit almost any need imaginable. Please reach out to us to tell us about your the guide to custom speaker design, testing, manufacturing

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