American Made Speakers: Should You Reshore Your Manufacturing?

The world continues to be an uncertain place. Decision-makers in business were already dealing with challenges related to the supply chain, shipping costs, intellectual property theft, and reducing carbon emissions before the war in Ukraine even started. Now, these issues are even more serious. 

This could be the time to consider manufacturing your speakers in America. There are many reasons why OEMs are increasingly considering American-made speakers. Let’s start with a big one - stable and reliable manufacturing.

Stable & Reliable Manufacturing

Opting for made in America means greater assurance that your speakers arrive on time. You have much less control over the supply chain when it is dependent on cargo ships, port logistics, and international freight costs. Reshoring manufacturing will simplify your supply chain and shorten your lead times. Domestically produced inventory can decrease lead times and increase inventory turns.

In addition, you gain greater control over quality. The historical cost savings of producing products overseas is related to less regulation and a lower cost of labor. However, challenges in communication and cultural expectations can result in significantly more product defects. 

The logistics of fixing an issue with a shipment of speakers as it’s moving its way across the ocean on a containership are enormous. Knowing your product is made here and information is a phone call away can prevent issues or at least deal with them quickly.

Simplified Collaborative Designs

You can move from audio challenge to audio solution much faster by working with experienced experts who are in a similar time zone. If necessary, face-to-face meetings can be accomplished without the need for overseas travel, which may be restricted or not even possible.

In addition, USA speaker manufacturers often provide more enhanced prototyping and testing capabilities, such as custom driver assembly, prototypes made by CNC machining or 3D printing and extensive electro-acoustical analysis. This means that prototypes can be generated, iterated upon, and perfected in a fraction of the time it took just a few years ago. These can be tested and moved into full production much faster because third-party companies are left out of the equation.  

Secure Prototyping

The value of unique technology, new ideas, and intellectual property is higher than ever in our globalized world. Sending your knowledge overseas can quickly become a boon to your competitors. 

Many companies have concerns about the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) required for the majority of products manufactured in China. Securing CCC status requires disclosing product information and submitting products for accreditation tests in Chinese laboratories. As well as audits and inspections of factories. 

As an all-in-one audio provider, MISCO goes beyond non-disclosure agreements to protect client information. Our data security standards qualify us for handling US defense and aerospace contracts. We offer private engineering space within our facility to work collaboratively with our clients. 

It's all for giving you extra peace of mind. Plus, you will likely save time by not having to create multiple security agreements for all the parties typically involved with international manufacturing. 

Comprehensive Audio Testing

Creating quality speakers is a mix of science and art. The only way to get it right is through thorough testing of prototypes and finished products. By manufacturing with MISCO, you gain access to the most complete Klippel laboratory in North America. We can provide you acoustical testing with thousands of data points within a matter of hours. 

And we have a special critical listening facility in-house to give the product the ultimate evaluation:  How does it sound to a listener?

In fact, our testing partner, Warkwyn, is the North American distributor and software support team for Klippel. These experts can either work with your R&D team or be the sole test and measurement source  on your project. 

All Under One Roof

Manufacturing in America is not right for every company. But, even if you thought it wasn’t for you in the past, now is the time to reevaluate the pros and cons of reshoring your production and having product development, testing and measuring, and manufacturing occur in one US facility. The changing world and all the uncertainties it creates means the stability of US-based production is more valuable than ever. Plus, newer technologies are like 3D printing and advanced testing can give you competitive advantages to meet your product goals faster and better.  

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss a unique audio challenge your team is working on and whether made in America is the right solution for you. 

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