Bringing Reshoring and Custom Audio Solutions to InfoComm 2023

Are any of these on your company’s to-do list for audio?

  • Reshore your manufacturing back to America
  • Lower your production costs
  • Improve your sound quality
  • Add an audio system or loudspeakers to your product
  • Fine-tune your audio system with DSP-enabled amplifiers

If any one of those is your goal, then make sure you stop by the MISCO booth at InfoComm in Orlando on June 10-16, 2023 (we’re in booth #5476 in the Audio Pavilion).

Since 1949, MISCO has been designing and manufacturing custom audio solutions and speakers for every imaginable application. Our staff of audiophiles love geeking out about ways to help companies who want to simplify their supply chain and production process by manufacturing their speakers and audio systems at our factory in Minnesota (we also offer manufacturing in Asia if you prefer). 

What MISCO Can Help You With

Wherever you are on your audio system journey–design, engineering, testing, or manufacturing—we can offer you expert support.


Audio Design

Our specialty of rapid prototyping and turnkey service from design to delivery has made us an audio OEM leader in many industries, including aerospace, outerspace, medical, military, commercial sound and paging, pro-audio, and many more.

From designing speakers for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft that can withstand the 4,000 g’s of launch force to improving the intelligibility of drive-thru speakers, MISCO has the experience to help you solve your audio challenges.

Resource: Guide to Custom Speaker Design


Effective custom audio solutions come from people who have a deep understanding of acoustics and material sciences. We can help you with selecting everything from the right magnet to the right speaker enclosure to get exactly the sound and durability you need in your finished product.


Along with an entire team of transducer engineers, our headquarters has the most complete Klippel audio testing and measurement lab in North America. 


Our tools and know-how can help you understand exactly what is going on inside your speakers and how they’ll sound in their real-world homes. Plus, we can help you with expert advice on how to improve audio quality or voice intelligibility.


Whether your goal is to protect your intellectual property, reduce production costs, or simplify your supply chain, we can offer you options that match your manufacturing priorities.

From Drivers to Amps

Because audio is an art as much as a science, your audio system will turn out best if you work with a manufacturer who understands how all the pieces will work together right from the start.

Since MISCO has over 75 years’ worth of prototypes to iterate off of for a custom solution, and over 100 years of collective audio engineering experience, our customers enjoy a jump start on their audio projects thanks to our extensive product catalog. There’s a good chance we have an existing prototype that can be used to save you time and money.

Our 3D printing capabilities mean that any prototype that needs to be created or altered can be quickly produced and tested.

Working with MISCO engineers, you’ll have a partner who will listen closely to your needs and be able to offer exact suggestions for the best drivers, enclosure designs, and amplifier solutions to help you reach your goals.

Big Sound in Small Spaces

Looking to shrink down your audio components and still get great sound? That’s another reason to stop by our InfoComm booth in Orlando. We can show you our latest 2.1 system that incorporates several cutting-edge design techniques to deliver exceptional sound quality in a small package.

Resource: Creating Superior Compact OEM Speaker Systems

Whether you want design help, greater audio testing capabilities, or an American-based manufacturer, we’re excited to meet you at InfoComm 2023. 

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